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My plans for this year, and the first post this year, lol

Posted by Zaderlon - January 31st, 2021

Good evening everyone, I haven't written anything on Newgrounds for a long time. As expected, there is no asset. So, I sit here and think about what will happen next, what plans, at least I will have this year. I do not promise that everything that I write here will be fulfilled in this year, well, well.



  • Everyone's favorite REBELTION !!! What about him? In principle, as expected, it froze, in fact, it should have been released at about the same time as INTRUSION. But apparently because of my laziness, and things in life, in addition, I began to learn the field of fl studio, and make tracks. It seems to me that, nevertheless, I have a chance to make it, but more original chtoli? Yes, the rebel concepts in this project were originally in REBELTION, and then later they were used in INTRUSION, although this is a single project, lol!
  • As for thinking about the plot and so on, since I mentioned in previous posts that the project will be restarted, due to the terrible animation skill at that time, and I wanted to expand the project into something more than just a short animation for 5 minutes, yes, yes , it was supposed to be a short animation, but not the point. Most of all, I wanted to make a variety of enemies in the project, to create some kind of atmosphere of solidarity among the rebels, that these are not just fools with pistols in their hands who go to hell, but people who have their own motives and experiences. I don’t know if it’s possible to revive REBELTION or not, it’s just a matter of time, so we’ll look further down the posts.






Project for MADNESS DAY 2020





  • About my project, which should have taken place on madness day. But due to lack of time and effort, I simply did not have time to complete the project, not even half of it, although I could have done it back on the 23rd to the 30th. But already interest and motivation by this time had completely disappeared from me. Later, after a little thought, I came to the conclusion that I want to do something more or less more than a parody of shit. At the moment, there is no particular progress towards this project. I will continue to paint the plot, and maybe I will make a project the next madness day, I don't know. Also forgot to mention that I will try to record music for my project as I started to like one genre, so I hope to see soon.


Promotion into music

  • Roughly speaking, lately, I've started to make quite satisfactory music, in the sense that at first I got complete crap, although now I don't really need to brag about it, since I'm still a noob in this business, and I generally do not rummage about for mixing something, both for musical theory and for writing a harmonious melody. Even though I make tracks pretty good for a beginner, I still need to develop further. I certainly don't dream of becoming a famous musician, becoming a DJ, performing on stages, I don't want that. I just want to make tracks as an amateur, so that they can be used for animations, and for some kind of conversational video.
  • So, of course, I will develop in this regard, but nothing significant and I will not create any goals in the field of music.



What happens next when I'm done?

This question is rather complicated, and more or less adequate arguments are needed for it. Honestly, I don't know anything about what will happen in the future, and what plans I have when I finish all my planned projects. But I know one thing that I will not sit in flash anymore, and will only make music. Bruh. But still, I will be faked by my deeds in life and nothing special will happen. It's just that every day, I'm getting poorer and poorer, I have a whole week and a month, it's a fucking groundhog day, day after day. Therefore, I will think to diversify my order of the day, and start taking care of myself, I don't know. Okay, I signed too much here.


Well, basically, I at least wrote something here. And this is the most important thing. I hope that all the plans that I have planned for this year come true and I hope that everything goes well. Okay, good night, everyone. And good morning everyone. I went to bed, bye!





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